Real Estate Developer

Successful Real Estate Developer

A real estate developer carries out the comprehensive planning of a project, prepares the business plan, secures financing sources, coordinates the marketing and sales strategy, supervises construction, and coordinates the deliveries of the properties.


Planning and seeking financing for new construction.


Acquisition or purchase of the land and prior negotiation of the price of the plot.

Promotion Or Sale

Promotion or sale of homes, a function usually performed by real estate agencies.


Real Estate Development

Real estate development is the activity of management and coordination of different agents and activities involved in the creation of a real estate property in order to satisfy a building need.

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Ability Of Developer


In real estate investing, great opportunities are few, and when they appear, they definitely only last for a while. A successful real estate developer has the aptitude to discover a good opportunity and be able to determine its possibilities.

Features Of Developer

Functions Of A Real Estate Developer

Among the most basic tasks, we could mention carrying out the comprehensive planning of a project, in addition to devising the business plan to secure financing sources. In addition to that, it has functions that have to do with marketing since it is responsible for coordinating sales strategies, and finally, it is responsible for delivering the properties.

All the creativity and innovation that it presents in ideas transforms them into real estate projects and becomes a transversal agent in the entire process since it is also in charge of forming the team of architects, engineers and others. In other words, we could compare it to the conductor of an orchestra, who is in charge of directing and delivering an excellent and complete show to the public.

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Interpersonal Skills Defined

It would help if you worked on your character so that it allows you to deal with people of different personalities and manage to build a solid relationship of trust between both of you so that you can develop your leadership skills to the fullest and convey a completely professional image.

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Ability To Identify Solutions

Your daily work as a real estate developer will prepare you so that when a problem occurs that could put all progress at risk, you will be able to quickly find solutions with people who can help you and ways to continue delivering the project without going beyond the estimated budget.

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Constantly Updated

With the advancement of technology and the immediacy it offers us, it is important to be clear that to provide a high-quality service, it is vital to be at the forefront of the trends that arise, and for this, it is important to remain trained.

Characteristics Lead You To Success

Currently, many people are dedicated to selling properties. However, only some achieve success in this broad field of being an outstanding real estate developer. When thinking about or describing the functions of a real estate agent, we normally consider that it is a simple task and that anyone could perform it. Still, with the evolution of giant steps that this field is taking, the person must develop certain characteristics if they want to be successful. Real estate development has become an important activity that consists of the management and coordination of different agents and related tasks for the creation of real estate properties that satisfy a building need.

Study Of Real Estate

Feasibility Study Of Real Estate

A tool that can be very useful to visualize the pros and cons of our project is an Excel real estate development study. Through this program, we will be able to compare the profitability of the projects. 

In the Excel real estate development study, we quantify the foreseeable income that we are going to achieve with our investment and how far the expenses can go. With this, the profitability of the real estate project that we analyze will become clearer. 

With the analysis of the Excel real estate promotion, we will be able to observe the profit margin on sales offered by the project and the quality of the project.

 In this concept, some items will help us avoid risks since values ​​​​such as the age of the project are analyzed, the alterations that may be recorded, the occupancy coefficient, the quality of the soil, the construction process or the construction book, among others. 

Through the Excel real estate promotion feasibility study, we will be able to more clearly identify the profitability of the project and the risks involved in our investment. Real estate crowdfunding gives us the opportunity to invest in various developments and diversify our portfolio. Tools such as the analysis of the suitability of the real estate project Excel make it easier. So, if after analyzing all the factors of the project, you cannot decide, you can always choose to divide the investment. 

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In the real estate sector, opportunities are fleeting and challenging to seize. Therefore, a real estate developer must have the courage to make decisions and determine strategies. New property launch 2024 guide exemplifies the potential benefits that can be obtained in the market.

To achieve this point, the person must be in constant training and attentive to updates on trends in the sector that are presented.

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I was constantly amazed by his work ethic, market knowledge, honesty and integrity. Thank you, ipweek2021, for everything you have done for me and my family. You are not only my real estate agent; you are also our friend.”
Toni Williamson

Ready documents

Documentation of the real estate project

After the reservation, there remains a lot of administrative work until obtaining the deed and delivery of the homes. The Ipweek2021 specializes in advising on deeding sales, managing the procedures to declare the end of work and obtaining the first occupancy license.

Documents are prepared to obtain permits and licenses from the administrations, as well as reservation, deposit and purchase contracts with end clients.
Throughout the process, economic monitoring is carried out, which includes accounting, budgets and tax settlements.

Importance of comprehensive real estate development

Today, real estate development plays a crucial role in the transformation and growth of cities. From residential homes to commercial complexes and urban projects, the planning and execution of these developments require trained professionals in various areas. Therefore, taking the Diploma in Comprehensive Real Estate Development can be a fundamental step to boost your career in this exciting field.

The importance of acquiring this knowledge is wider than just the professional and work benefits it can provide you. It will also allow you to understand and actively participate in the transformation of your environment. You will be able to contribute to the creation of livable, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that improve people’s quality of life and promote sustainable urban development.

Would you like to know more about the fascinating world of real estate development? We invite you to our next Diploma course in Comprehensive Real Estate Development. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge necessary to become an expert in the field, with a deep understanding of the technical, legal, financial and management aspects involved in creating successful real estate projects.

Digital Marketing

Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Study the competition

It is important to know the status of our competitors. Thus, for example, it is important to know how they manage their social networks, check if they have a website optimized for SEO, what type of content they publish, check if they are carrying out digital advertising campaigns (ads), etc.

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Define the indicators

To know if our objectives are being met, it is necessary to measure each action that is carried out adequately. In this way, the appropriate metrics must be established.

Set the budget

The idea is to have a professional who is in charge of each of our digital platforms. If you don’t have one, you can always use a Marketing Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency.

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Digital Marketing in the real estate sector

Real estate marketing


Increased brand awareness

On the one hand, the process of creating a brand can be quite easy for us if we have been thinking about it for a while. But, on the other hand, the most difficult part is getting people to know your brand and remember that name whenever they need services related to you.

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Saving time and money

There are several reasons to invest in real estate marketing. One of them, without a doubt, is the enormous savings in time and money. Quality content is one of the best ways to reach potential clients within the real estate sector.

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Increase Exposure

As we have already mentioned, digital presence becomes a vital task. To keep pace in these changing times, it is essential to stay up to date on the latest trends in technology, advertising, etc.

Effective Marketing

A differential value compared to the competition

We have already indicated that there is atrocious competition on the Internet in any business. With the marketing strategy, we will differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We will look for what our competition is not working on, and we will optimize it to present it to clients.

For example, an effective marketing strategy could consist of creating a blog where quality content is written. Its objective could be to launch articles aimed at solving user doubts rather than just selling (which is what is currently done, and it has been shown that this type of marketing needs to be more intrusive and effective).

Technical feasibility

Technical and commercial feasibility

Technical feasibility is equally important as the other areas, but in the vast majority of projects, it is the one that receives the most attention from project professionals. This feasibility is broad and ranges from the selection of the land, the type of soil, public services, designs, national and local regulations, construction processes and their costs.

For this technical feasibility, a process template is used, which allows the procedures to be monitored and avoids delays in the different processes.

It is not unknown that project paperwork processes in Singapore have long durations, from one to three years, which makes it difficult to come out with a project for sale.

It is important to make a preconstruction schedule with which the processes prior to construction can be monitored.


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