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The developments you carry out have good opportunities for growth, investment, expansion, capital gains, etc.

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About Us

Ipweek2021 Properties is a renowned real estate developer committed to creating sustainable and innovative communities. With over 20 years of experience, our mission is to build homes that enrich lives and exceed expectations. We take pride in our environmentally friendly designs and numerous industry awards, demonstrating our dedication to quality and excellence.

Our Goals

Our Objectives

First, we must be clear about our objectives: if we are looking for a moreconservative project or a plan with more risk that gives us greater profitability, howmany assets we want to invest in, and the amount of our savings that we allocate. The real estate sector offers many types of investment where each one can adapt to what suits them, and we can see this in the analysis of the feasibility of real estate development. 

Planning And Objectives

In The Planning Phase

A real estate developer is in charge of searching for land or locating properties. He will have to draft architectural plans, both for new construction projects and for the renovation of existing properties. He will also have to secure permits so the project can move forward without legal problems.

This is often the most difficult part of real estate development and the one that delays the project, which is why the best real estate developers are also competent managers on the ground.

Get Ready

Projects With Potential

In order to take your developer to the next level, it is vital that your projects have a specific characteristic, and this is potential for the future

Every person in any service they receive expects to be attended to by a professional person. In order for you to stand out as a successful real estate developer, your entire team must be professional.

Promotion Management

Project Management

The management of the promotion of real estate projects is essential for its recognition. Thus achieving greater visualization and recognition of the project at a local, regional, and even national level. With correct promotion management, any project can be turned into an attraction of high standards.

 It is also important to emphasize the way in which it is promoted to the public it is intended to reach. Below, we will clarify some doubts related to the importance of managing the promotion of real estate projects. 

 Before investing in promotion management, it is necessary to verify how feasible the project for which you wish to promote is. All this, taking into account that not all real estate projects are equally attractive, and this refers to the variants that may be generated around the projects.

In the same way, some advantages are only achieved by correctly managing thepromotion of real estate projects. Well, it is from here that the privileges or attributes that the project has been made known, what makes it different, and what advantages it has over others. Below, you will learn some advantages of doing it.

Promotion management is a very useful tool for the promotion of real estate projects. Achieving notable improvements in the demand for these projects and thus guaranteeing the effectiveness of this tool in the real estate field.

With Ipweek2021 as your ally, you can explore all the advantages of correct promotion management. Contact our advisors and experience how you can improve the visibility of your properties.

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Currently, more than 80% of people do several searches on the Internet depending on the need or desire they have long before making a purchase. For this reason, you must have an internet presence.

It can be through social networks and, of course, a professional website. With this, you will see how you can reach your target audience, generate trust in users, and even gain relevance in the market.

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In order to stand out as a successful real estate company, you must know your client. 

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